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I’m a Belgian born graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Berchem, Antwerp. I have lived and worked in Belgium, France and the USA. I maintain a studio in Belgium and continue to develop my skills through workshops and collaborations.


I travel extensively and I try to incorporate elements of different cultures into my work. I love to investigate new or unconventional materials and techniques and create contemporary, innovative pieces of jewelry (unique pieces or limited editions). 


My work has been exhibited in different countries and publications. It is represented in museums and private collections.


MFA Jewelry design, Academy of Fine Arts, Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium                        BFA Jewelry design, Academy of Fine Arts, Berchem, Antwerp, Belgium                        MA translator, University of Antwerp, Belgium

several workshops and classes



        Exhibition "Mutantur Speciei", part of the art biennale, Botanical Garden Meise, B

         Exhibition "The Red Carpet", gallery Pont en Plas, Ghent, B


         Exhibition "Pas de Deux", Antwerp, B

         Exhibition "Contenant-Contenu", Baccarat, F

         We are SNAG, online (SNAG,USA)



          Exhibition “White-out”, Munchen, D (postponed)

          Exhibition “9 March”, Moscou and other cities, RU

          Exhibition “LIEES”, Valencia, S, & Athens, GR (postponed)

          Exhibition "Zomertentoonstelling", gallery Campo Campo, Antwerp, B

          Exhibition, Mix Art gallery, Amsterdam, NL

          Exhibition "The thing itself", Philadelphia, USA (postponed)



         Exhibition "Collectiva", Porto, Portugal

         Exhibition "Wert-Voll", Dessau & Leipzig, Germany 

          Exhibition in Motion, Chicago, USA

          Exhibition “Coming of Age”, Chicago, USA

          Exhibition Pôle Bijou Baccarat, France (L’amour des voyages)

          Exhibition “Liées”, Strasbourg, France & Barcelona, Spain

          Exhibition “Myths”, Schmuck, Munich, Germany

          Exhibition “Eye-wear”, Say What Gallery, Tannersville, USA



          Exhibition (in conjunction with photographer C. Wolf), Turnhout, Belgium

          Exhibition Pôle Bijou Baccarat, France (Les rêves botaniques)

          Exhibition Gallery Facéré, Seattle, USA (Unbound, Unexpected, Uncharted)

          Travelling exhibition, Imagine Peace now, USA



          Exhibition in Motion, New Orleans, USA

          Exhibition, Galerie Goutte de Terre, Paris , France

          Travelling exhibition, Imagine Peace now, USA 

          Included in book:  Imagine Peace now

          3d Prize,  Imagine Peace now, USA

          book JAMS (Jewelry & Metalsmithing Survey) SNAG, USA


          Exhibition in Motion, Asheville, USA

          “Myths”, Schmuck, Munich, Germany



          Christmas show, Friends of Carlotta, Zurich, Switzerland

          “Show Point Final”, fashion and jewellery show, Antwerp, Belgium

          Cooperation “Garnish”, (with Steve Shelby), travelling exhibition

          MAS museum, Antwerp, Belgium

          the Ransom Brooch Project, (Boris Bally)

          “Where science meets art: Metals & Wearables at Artisan’s Asylum”, Boston

          “Thisisabrooch”, Boston, MA, USA

           Ceci n’est pas une broche (Platforma), Boston

            My students”, book by Daniel Weinberger

Professional Affiliations

SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths)



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